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Any Content Creator
Regardless if you stream on Twitch/YouTube/FB, whether you just make TikToks, Reels, etc, or just shit post on twitter, we’re here to help you make a profit!

We Don’t Care About How Many Followers You Have
As long as you are active on what you do and are serious about doing what you love, I don’t care if you only have 100 followers.  If those followers support you financially, then you’re all set!

Send Your Designs, We’ll Handle Everything Else
We’ll get your merch up and running and help promote! Now you can’t just sit around and not promote your own merch. Get out there and let people know that your merch is here baby!

Get Paid, No Matter How Much You Make
We will not hold your money hostage if you don’t sell $100 worth of merch.  You will get paid on the first of the month if you sell merch, and you’ll be notified if any of your merch sells within 48 hours!

Higher Quality Printing
Best-in-class Kornit Avalanche DTG printing for eco-friendly, vibrant, non-fading prints.

More Comfortable Apparel
All designs printed exclusively on higher quality, more comfortable apparel from Next Level, Bella + Canvas, American Apparel, Independent Trading Co., and Rabbit Skins.

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